Creating an Online Portfolio to Display and Sell your Art or Craft Projects


If you want to sell crafts or art projects, you are wise to create an online portfolio or blog.

While many online sites allow you to create free blogs, if you want a professional image, you are advised to shell out for your own web site and your own domain. To register a domain, you go through a domain registrant. Having your own domain and web site is not a formidable expense by any means, and if you are planning on selling your wares, it is tax deductible.

What to Inlude in Your Online Portfolio

A good online artist portfolio could include the following content:
  • Good pictures and or videos of your art projects
  • A full product description of any item or service that is for sale, including pricing information
  • An About Me page describing who you are, your history as an artist and the type of art you create.
  • Clear information about how to purchase your projects or commission your services
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • A section describing any awards of commendations you have received, if applicable
  • Links to any articles written by you or about you.
  • Links to any online sites where your projects may be purchased (eg Etsy, eBay, etc.)
  • Contact information
  • Customer service information, including shipping and handling information, and return policies

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